1. Infantz Bop!

    Your favorite hits sung by infants for infants!

    Featuring hits by

    Lady Googoo Gaga
    And more!

  2. I’m working on it but to make this a reality I’m going to need about 299,995 more downloads on my Android game

  3. Everyone always forgets about Lickitung.

  4. There is a man in a band called Slipknot who’s only job is to dress up and hit an empty beer keg with a mallet.

    That man is a millionaire.

    Large financial success is all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time.

  5. I believe you can only truly relate with another living creature by completely destroying it.

  6. When I was 14 listening to Poison The Well my dad was like “you know what’s funny you’ll be old one day listening to this still” and I was like no way I’ll get sick of heavy screaming music when I’m old.

    But 12 years later I’m starting to see he’s so right.

  7. Just a reminder how good this band is

    South Florida represent!

  8. I did accent challenge so now you know what I look and sound like after a long day of work.

    Also I know pulledporkprincess, ericlachance, flyingantday, and polkaudio in person. Sorry I can’t think through my follow list on the spot and I didn’t want the video to run an hour long.

  9. Just realized when I purged my blog I deleted all of my /me posts.

    Y’all don’t know what gorgeous of a man runs this blog.

    I am sorry.


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