1. Nice, I just found a tumblr theme boilerplate that I like but my lunch break is almost over so I don’t get to play with it until tonight.

  2. Tumblr themes are way more annoying than standard web design.

  3. pulledporkprincess replied to your post “Cum 2 the keys”

    we go tomorrow after i get off work so like after 7pm and come back on sunday. just don’t go to work.

    Ah I wish but this job is a bridge I can not burn.

  4. Your kid doing normal kid things does not make your kid special

  5. when and for how long and will you be picking me up and dropping me off on the way?

  6. theladyblaze:



    I designed a shirt to describe myself. Maybe you’d like one too? For yourself or I bet it’d make a really thoughtful gift.

    Shop link.

    Available in various colors.

    We all know the definition of “professional” means “received payment” for a given action. So, since two people have purchased this shirt, I am now a professional shirt designer.

     I like that you made one for kids 

    Reblogged from: ashleyghost
  7. Whatever happened to Halloween?

    When is that happening again?

  8. ericlachance replied to your post: dayum

    That song is so weird anyway

    It’s also weird that nobody else has tagged her on Tumblr which means she’s entirely irrelevant to Tumblr culture.

  9. hancesolo replied to your post: You and I go together like depression …

    I want this engraved on my wedding rings

    Hope you have enough room to engrave the source too


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